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RefractoryBed Material / Boiler Sand

Refractory Udhyog is engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of Refractory Bed Material in all over the country. Our Refractory Bed Material is a Low Ferric High Temperature material, which is made from super heat duty refractory aggregates of high alumina contents and dense texture. In Fluidized Bed Combustion Boilers (FBC), the Refractory Bed Material imparts perfect and smooth fluidization. We use raw material which limits the clinker formation. RRIPL's this very special Bed Material has many special characteristics that made it a perfect material for obtaining smooth and perfect fluidization use in Fluidized Bed Combustion Boilers (FBC) and Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Boilers (CFBC).


Enlisted below are the noteworthy quality attributes of low cement castables:

  • Fully resistant against clinker formation
  • Accurate particle size distribution
  • Low alkali low iron contents
  • Perfectly controlled density
  • Exceptional chemical purity
  • Perfect product for obtaining fluidized action
  • High I.D.T. (initial deformation temperature)
  • Fully screened material free from fine particles
  • No free iron particles - passed through iron separators

Research & Development - The Bed Material has been developed is a result of our own constant in-house research and development work and field experience for over 25 years; and also in accordance with the technical support / guidance from time to time extended by the leading manufacturers of FBC and CFBC Boilers like BHEL, TBW. The technical criteria and particle size distribution of the material is predetermined for practicality as well as economy of the product on the basis of technical requirement with specific fuel and boiler design.

Special Characteristics – Refractory Udhyog Bed Material has many special attributes that makes it a transcendent material for FBC and CFBC Boilers with greater scale of economy.

Zero wastage - Low consumption – Fully Screened Material - Perfect Size: Free from Fines & dust and over size particles separated through Air Classifiers. This subsequently eliminates wastage of material through air while in operation. Perfect Material and Particle Density gives perfect and smooth fluidizing action and enhances its Low Consumption properties.

Uniform Heat - Accurate Intermediate Particle Size Distribution in required percentage of our product gives uniform distribution of heat / temperature in boiler bed area.



Particles Grain size : 1) Min : 0.85 mm to Max : 1.5 mm
2) Min : 1.00 mm to Max : 2.00 mm
3) Min : 1.50 mm to Max : 2.5 mm
4) Min : 2.5 mm to Max : 3.5 mm Micron Min : 650 mm to Max : 850 mm
Al2O3 30 – 40%
SILICA 60 – 70%
BULK DENSITY 1000 – 1100 kg/m
Fusion Temperature 1100 - 1400°C


Resistant against Clinker Formation The Low ferric chemical property and High Initial Deformation Temperature (PCE value) makes it highly resistant to abrasion and an ideal product against clinker formation at high temperatures.

Safest product for boiler tubes Highly Exceptional Chemical Purity and low alkalis makes it neutral in chemical nature that gives longer life to boiler tubes and refractory lining as it has no chemical reaction with boiler tubes and carbon fuel. Due to its smooth operational properties and long particle life it results in low down time and maintenance cost.

Economy of Product It has been observed that our Refractory Bed Material gives a saving of over 45% on its use on account of perfect size, low wastage, better quality and chemical properties, high refractoriness, high temperature properties, low operating consumption and minimal down time in comparison to other similar local products.
The product has wide acceptance all over India and Overseas and is being regularly used by almost all FBC and CFBC Boilers of BHEL, Thermax etc.
The product has no match and none to second, as it is excellent in operational properties and performance.